Reformate-Isomerate-LPG-DPG-H2 Refinery

PSC Company is planning to build a high-tech refinery, leveraging their experienced multidisciplinary team. The refinery will produce 270,000 tons/year of reformate, 120,000 tons/year of isomerate, 450,000 tons/year of LPG, and 100,000 tons/year of DPG. Moreover, by this refinery 750 m3/h of valuable gas, hydrogen will be produced. This project highlights PSC’s commitment to innovation and growth, and is expected to significantly boost the local economy and the wider energy sector. The investment reflects PSC’s confidence in world-wide’s energy market and its dedication to meeting the increasing global demand for refined petroleum products.


Petrohem Bukhara

Start Date:

Jan 2023




940,000 tons/year capacity

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