Procurement Dept

The PSC Procurement Services department mission is to provide customer focused procurement services through the development and management of contracts and programs that are responsive to customer needs; are cost effective, practical, and timely; and provide comprehensive and innovative procurement alternatives, thereby assisting customers in accomplishing their primary mission. In PSC We want to offer our customers the most competitive prices in a Global Procurement Organization. You, as our supplier, guarantee our efficiency with your process know-how, flexibility and innovative power. You are ready to challenge our requirements and to offer better solutions. PSC is always striving to achieve strong cooperation with his suppliers. This gives us the advantages over the competition of speed and quality assurance in a good long-term partnership. The centers handle all procurement activities in their regional supply market and provide full service to the initiating projects whereas Procurement Strategies are developed in the central Strategic Procurement Team. If you want to contact us, please refer to the procurement centers in charge of your region.

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