Field Of Activity

List of deliverable services in form of EPC and EP plans including designing, engineering, procurement of equipment, executive operations and commissioning by co-operation of engineering contractors are as follows: 1-1- Joint venture and consortium with credible foreign or Iranian contractors in order to present EP and EPC services 1-2- Implementation and presentation of services regarding the designing and engineering including basic studies and designing, cost estimation, design development, scheduling, field engineering and comparative engineering. 1-3- Implementation and presentation of services regarding procurement including preparation of order and tendering documents, list of credible manufacturers, technical and economic inspections of manufacturers' and sellers' offers, inquiries and contracts, technical inspection during operation, transportation and storage of goods, storage management and hand-over the goods for installation 1-4- Executive operations with regard to construction and installation including scheduling executive operations, implementation methods, organization, site preparation, quality control methods, execution of safety laws, preparation of materials and operation, preparation of instruments and equipment, construction of service systems and temporary works, providing necessary human resources, implementation of constructive operation and installation, execution of compulsory checks, presentation of periodic surveys, preparation of as built plans, pre-commissioning, commissioning, test utilization, maintenance during guarantee period and preparation of final report of the project. 2- Designing and engineering services 2-1- Pilot studies including basic surveys, evaluation of requirements, economic and technical feasibility, evaluation of production methods, cost estimation and other related services. 2-2- Basic designing including Complete study, compiling executive methods, determining the calculative criteria and master plan, preparation of preliminary plan and basic surveys, planning the man power resources, cost estimation, preparation of technical specification of equipment and other related services. 2-3- Master plan including technical calculations, contract drawing, final technical specifications of equipment, final cost estimation, scheduling plan and tendering documents. 2-4- Procurement management including order documents, preparing the list of credible manufacturers, technical and economic evaluation of manufacturers' offers, aiding the client regarding procurement.

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