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Petrosakht Chelsoton is a well-established organization with the management, engineering and commercial headquarters located in Tehran, the capital city of Iran.
The construction facilities are also organized in Razi industrial Zone, Isfahan, Iran, with the goal to cater to industries particularly in Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Field with more than 100 million USD capital outlay. We are leading EPCF effective domestic projects due to our 15 years executive resume with building-up many units such as MPG, Etoxilate, MEG refinery, ETB, EA, MA, and BA and thanks to the eventuated plants become a leading provider of engineering services and innovative technology.
At present we declare PSC is one of the largest integrated engineering and construction firm in Iran, with around 500 employees. In the recent years, we are striving to expand our engineering experience in refinery, petrochemical, general industrial throughout the world. By satisfying our clients with offering a complete range of EPC&F service, we have built-up a reputation and obtained the high admiration in these fields from ministry of industry affairs.
Back by the experience, PSC has won more projects in petrochemical territory, such as implementation Butyl glycol, Iso propanol, Base oil, EO, M-to-P, 2EH plants, etc. These accomplishments prove flourish of PSC in extent business cooperation with the powerful and interested corporation. We devote ourselves to being in alliance with many well-known engineering companies energetically. By the joint force, we are not only elevating our quality but also enhancing our competitiveness in approaching the large-scale turnkey projects.
Besides the superior abilities in the traditional industrial sector, we make efforts in spreading out our experience in various fields, including, E, P&C contracts. Now a days, PCS short-term objective is to promote our revenue by finalizing our current operative projects with over 700 million USD raised fund. However, we believe that PSC will fulfill the new millennium prospects in a near future....

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